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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a world of digital promotion of the business to help the business grow local, domestic & international as per the preference. SEO Pub is an online digital marketing agency in Mumbai to cater to the needs of the online world. We at SEO pub will cover various services to boost your business which includes 5 levels.

Understanding your business

For getting started it is very much necessary to understand your business as it gives us a clear picture of the products or services you provide. What is the revenue your company earns and what will be the stages wherein the improvement is required?

Website of the Company

Does your company have a website? If yes then what kind of the website and its structure and whether any changes required if any then suggestions will be made accordingly.

Preparing the road map

We will be preparing the map covering all the factors related to your business and how we will be working on it for achieving the maximum success making your online presence more strong and ways to gain revenue.


Level of competition online

The next step after understanding your business is an online competition. After discussing the factors will take a call on how online presence can be achieved for your web page and what will be the stage of the competition for your business.

Time to process on the road map

You need to know the timings to complete the entire process. We will be working on your ON-PAGE SEO which covers on-page optimization for a search engine to rank the website. OFF-PAGE SEO will be article writing & submission, social media promotion, backlinking & blog writing. and ORGANIC TRAFFIC will be where the search engine will identify the brand and understand the reason to rank your website.

Our Services

We at SEO Pub promises to deliver the best to our clients, whether you are a startup or established Entrepreneur our agency has services that are reasonable and affordable to every business owners. Our primary services include providing various Digital Marketing services, Website Designing & Development.

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Digital Marketing

We are living in the Digital world and a part of ‘Digital India’. Our lives are moving very fast today where almost everything is online. Google has an answer to all your questions. Its like google is at the core of everything. Google can entertain a kid of 2 years to an aged person of 90 years and it can bring smiles to all the age groups. But have you ever wondered why Google has answers to all your questions? What is Google doing to bring the world closer?

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SEO Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way of marketing to promote the business using paid advertisement which appears on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). With SEM the advertisers bid on the keywords which are used by the user while looking for certain products or services on Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo.

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Web Designing

Web design is the process used to design the website on the way it looks & way it works. Web designing is a process of planning and building the files with the help of the content, layout, themes, concept, color, text styles, graphics, images, and interactive features that makes the website more engaging and appealing to the visitors on your website.

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Web development

Web development means developing a website that includes the non-design aspect of writing markup & coding which allows the functioning of the website. Web developers work on programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript to create website & applications which brings the life to the designed files.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is creating, publishing, and distributing content to the audience online. Content Marketing attracts customers by sharing valuable free content. This type of marketing is often used to generate leads, attract the attention of the customers, increase online sales, brand awareness, and online community for the users.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the social media platform to promote a product/service through social media. Social Media Marketing is the most popular and budgeted way for marketing in today’s world as people are constantly connected on social media at any corner of the world. Social Media Marketing will increase website traffic, will create brand awareness, having communication, and interaction with the audience.

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    SEO Pub FAQ

    Why choose SEO PUB for SEO Services?
    Experience: We have mastered our skills and continuously keeping ourselves updated over three years in this field, this motivates us to give the best results to our customers which help us to get more business through word of mouth.
    Results-oriented plans: Our primary objective is client satisfaction, irrespective of the plan you choose, once you have signed up for the services, it is our responsibility to show you the desired results and achieve your targets.
    Clarity: At SEO PUB we believe to keep outermost transparency with our client, we make a promise when we can achieve the desired results in a given time frame.
    Competitiveness: There is always a race to rank a webpage in the top 3, top 5, and top 10. With ever-growing competition in the market, every business owners want to secure their position for desired keywords. We at SEO Pub, not only evaluate the level of competitiveness, but we promise to secure your position for getting organic traffic.
    Affordable plans: Considering all factor all our plans are affordable and pocket friendly for all business owners. If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to call us or request a personal meeting.
    What are the different types of SEO?

    Majorly, there are two different kinds of SEO that everyone has to understand.

    1. ON-PAGE SEO: It means to optimize your webpage, there are more than 200 factors that Google has officially declared for any website to rank. When it comes to on-page SEO, optimization of webpage, mobile-friendly & easy readability are a few important factors it is related to optimizing a webpage that you wish to rank on search engines.
    2. OFF-PAGE SEO: It is related to activities which are carried on other than your website. Link building, guest posting & directory submission are few major off-page activities that have to be done periodically.
    How long it takes to the search engine to rank a webpage on top?
    As mentioned earlier, there are more than 200 factors that are involved for any webpage to rank, to make sure your webpage is correctly and beautifully optimized it is important to approach a digital marketing agency that is result-oriented promising.
    It is really important to understand that Search Engine optimization requires time, as it works on their algorithms, also it is important to know that we have to work as per algorithms as overworking may be considered as spamming.
    What all services are included in my SEO Package?

    As soon as you sign up with our company, a dedicated service manager will be assigned to your company, this is to make sure to cover the following points :

    1. We need to understand your nature of business & audience you are targeting to.
    2. Your website structure, this is one of the most important factors as we need to rank your webpage on the search engine. We have to make sure that content is plagiarism-free, keywords stuffing is not done, and so on.
    3. The level of competition is another factor that we have to understand and work on as understanding level of competition will help us to create a road map for your success.

    SEO Pub, the leading SEO Agency in Mumbai, India includes all these elements to make sure you able to grow online presence and generate 6 to 7 income figures monthly.

    Why choose SEO over PPC (pay per click)?
    Our team has done many types of research about user behavior on web one of the most popular tool that we use is Ubersuggest. As per the tool, 70% of user clicks on organic traffic than that of PPC.
    Any new business which has ZERO authority, looking to grow online presence immediately will bid higher than its competitor, this is just to make sure to reach maximum audience and to create brand awareness, on the other hand, the cost for pay per click will be increased daily as your competitor will always wish to stay one step ahead than you. This will not only increase your monthly budget but also increase your operation cost for optimizing the account.

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