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SMM means Social Media Marketing on social networking sites for the promotion of goods or services on digital platforms. It is a type of internet marketing that increases the traffic on the websites. When the website or connected social media pages are more active then the website’s position will rise on search engines bringing more organic traffic to the website.

SMM is mostly used for improving the connection with the users which increases the brand value and has a reach to more customers. It also helps to get direct feedback from the customers as social media currently is considered as one of the most effective ways to reach a quality client base.

SMM functions on Social Media optimization which builds the image of the company on social networks. SMM like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) attracts new visitors to the websites. Social media plays a very important role as nowadays people use social media to share links which thereby helps to build a strong network of links. 

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube has a very high number of users they can garner higher interaction rates with the people through which consumers can easily engage with the brand content. All these media platforms are an easy way to carry out online interactions with higher visibility.

Customers can now even post reviews, rate the services, ask questions or concerns directly to the company through social media platforms. According to the research, 80% of the customers use the web to research goods, products, and reviews before making the final call. Thus Social Media Marketing is used by businesses to build the relation with the customers and to get more customers compared to offline businesses.

SMM is more helpful for direct sales, generating revenue, and increasing brand value through paid campaigns which relatively does not require high budgets, unlike print media, TV, or radio advertisement.

Why is it necessary to choose SMM as over 80% of business executives have seen the growth in their business through social media and they have started considering as an important factor of the business because they have seen 133% of the increase in their revenue after using the social media platforms to promote the business.

Social networking sites are helpful to individuals as well as businesses to interact,  build relationships, and communities online. Social networking sites act as an e-word of mouth to reach billions of clients across the globe. Social networking sites and blogs allow the followers to retweet or repost and this way the product gets promoted and this allows you to reach more people and ultimately brings more traffic for your company/product.

Facebook has over 2.6 billion users and is the largest social networking site wherein the pages are detailed and you can post videos, photos, descriptions, and testimonials. Around 95% of business marketers use Facebook to promote their business. Facebook ads can also be linked to Instagram.

Instagram is the 6th most popular social networking site worldwide having more than 1 billion+ users and 25 million+ business users with 100 million photos and videos uploaded every day with 4.2 billion likes.  Instagram is a powerful platform for marketers to promote their business by sharing pictures and brief messages. More than 71% of the world’s largest brand is now using Instagram as a marketing channel.

Twitter another online portal to promote the business. 53% of the people on twitter are likely to buy new products and 79% like to know what is the new business available on twitter. Twitter allows the company to promote its product in 140 characters. Tweets contain text, Hashtags, photos, videos, or links to the website or social media profiles. Many of the companies give 24×7  online support for increasing brand loyalty.

Linkedin with 690+ million registered members. Linkedin allows workers & employers to create a profile through online social networks. 94% of B2B marketers use Linkedin to distribute your content. In 2019 Linkedin launched the feature Open for Business globally that enables the freelancers to discover themselves on this platform. Linkedin allows for generating sales leads & business partners. Members can also use company pages like Facebook to create that will allow business owners to promote their products, services & interact with their customers.

Whatsapp has over 5 billion users worldwide and is the world’s most popular messaging application. It is considered as the primary means of communication. January 2018 onwards you are allowed to promote your business through WhatsApp business. WhatsApp supports text, videos, photos, documents, locations, voice calls, and video calls, and it is secured with end to end encryption. You can even send promotional messages to individual customers as well as send bulk messages to targeted customers using broadcast options. Companies started using this media on a very large scale as it is cost-free and without any ads.

Youtube has over 30 billion subscribers which are another medium to reach customers through the advertisement to the target audience. The language and the content on youtube used for commercials are in sync with the video. Promotional activity of sponsoring the video is also available on youtube. You can upload, view, rate, share, comment, reports on videos, and also subscribe to other users. Youtube allows its publishers to earn money through partner programs. The company can pay to youtube for a channel to promote the products or services.

Blogs are used by the companies to spread information through originality to make their products popular and reach to the customers who are private on the other social media platforms. Blogs are being more neutral and credit-ability is more as it allows a brief description of the products or services than the print advertisement. Blogs can be updated and used as a promotional technique for subscribers, followers, and customers linked to the website or social network pages. Blogs give us information, involvement, community, and control.

All these are the social platforms which allows the business to get in touch with its customers in the easiest way wherein, social media marketing plays a very important role to connect with the customers through the content.

We at SEO Pub, assure to help our clients to select the best social medium which suits the best for their business and their customers increasing the traffic on the sites which allow the revenue to flow in.

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