What is Domain Authority?

Why Domain Authority is important?

What is Domain Authority?

The domain is the subset of the internet with the authority or the address which is under the control of an organization or an individual. The domain name is the identification of the authority or control you have. There are certain steps which need to be followed to boost domain authority.

Domain Authority (DA) is the metric that increases the authority of the website and how well the website will rank on Search Engine Results Page. Domain Authority scores range from 1 to 100 and higher the score greater the ability to rank.

Domain authority cannot be purchased from any high authority ranking site instead you need to consider several factors, strategies, content, and patience to increase the DA score.

There are plenty of reasons on which google determines the search engine ranking of the website. Higher the DA you earn a higher search engine ranking and receive quality traffic to the website. Hence, it becomes very much necessary to understand why is boosting of domain authority so important.

How is DA calculated?

  • Number of incoming links
  • Quality of the relevant links
  • Quality of the website’s content
  • The popularity of domain on social media
  • Performance of website on SEO.

High-Authority links – Link from high authority sites and pages carry more ranking power and they can get both domains authority and page authority. High authority links are good to have as you get the topic for thousands of posts.

Fewer Spam links – Google tries to discounting on bad links but it’s natural to have some from low authority domain and pages and it is relevant and useful to the searchers at times, though doing that intentionally must be avoided continuously. 

Traffic driving links – DA also counts on the links coming from the legitimate sites with real traffic as that proves the usefulness of the site. Attracting links that bring traffic is a good thing as it indicates relevance. If no one sees the links or gets the traffic then it will be discounted by authority metrics and google.

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Steps to Boost Domain Authority

  1. Quality Content – Content is always a king for Google but at the same time quality content is what matters to Google. The content must be unique, useful, and approachable to the user no matter how much you write.

Content attracts the visitors to the website and the more appealing and interesting your content is the more users you can find on your site. Using images, GIF’s, infographics makes the content easily approaching and viral. Content must have more than 8 00 words which are considered as a good length which must be informative and at the same time interesting.

While writing the content you need to make sure it not copy-pasted from somewhere else, no repetitive words are used instead synonyms can be used wherever applicable, and stick to the subject without discussing unnecessary things.

  1. On-Page SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important method for optimization and plays a crucial role in high and low DA. It includes factors like page titles, and keywords density & placement. There are certain points to be considered while doing On-Page SEO.

There must no excessive use of keywords and the density must be 0.5% to 1.5%. Use heading tags for highlighting the main points. choose the long-tail keyword which must be perfectly relevant to your blog as they are easy to rank. If possible your targeted keyword must be in the 1st paragraph of the post.

SEO friendly permalink must be created using the target keyword. Meta description must not be left blank and the description must have the targeted keyword. The title of the post must be attractive with the mention of the keyword in it. Optimize the images to boost SEO.

  1. High-quality link for the website – It is very tough to generate high-quality links for the site but at the same time, it is worth doing it. Never make low-quality links that don’t add value to the content. Sharing the content on social media sites have high domain authority.

Blog posts shared on Facebook & twitter give higher authority and reach a new audience and if the content is relevant and gets a good share it will become viral in no time. Guest posting is also considered as the best way for high DA if done in a proper & systematic manner.

  1. Interlinking – Interlinking helps to reduce the bounce rate. Linking current posts to old posts which is similar to the topic make the current post more engaging and informative. Interlinking allows users and search engines to navigate easily on the website.
  2. Bad Links – It is very much necessary to constantly remove the bad links as it affects the website rank on google. Removing spam & toxic links is equally important to generate quality links.

Bad links harm the DA and hence the website must be kept clean & spotless and  If the bad links are not removed on a timely basis the site may lose on the rankings.

  1. Publishing Frequency – Posting regularly is the key to success for DA and if not done it may decrease. Regular posting helps to increase higher traffic, revenue, and rankings. You get lots of quality content to link and it develops the writing skills which allows you to share new content with your readers and helps in increasing sales.
  2. Ranking & Domain Authority – Domain’s age will help in increasing the ranking & the DA score. Once your site is active continuously for 3 -4 years it proves that you are publishing quality content and the site is not being spammed.

Domain age plays an important role in SEO. New websites may take a longer time to get the desired DA but you need to keep the patience to get through.


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