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Google Ad Words – Pay Per Click

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process to rank a web page on any search engine. This process requires at least few months, if you have started a new business I am sure your business audience will be limited to your family members, relatives & friends, also limited to social reach.

So what could be the alternate option to create awareness and make people aware of your new business, majorly two types of online marketing is very popular these days.

  • Google ad words
  • Facebook & Instagram AD’s

I have already made a separate article for Social media marketing; you can get the details by clicking here.

Google ad words are the right platform to advertise your product or services and create your brand awareness in your area, city, and -Country.

Top 7 reasons why choose Google for ad words over other search engines?

  • According to the November 2019 report of statista.com, India ranks no 1 for desktop search traffic originating from Google.
  • When compared with any other famous search engines like Yahoo and Bing – Google has 70% more use than its competitors and ranks no 1 not only in India but through the World.
  • To acquire a whole audience, you can also choose an option that allows your ad to run on Google partners, which are Yahoo & Bing.
  • It allows you not only to reach your marketing goals but also to create brand awareness amongst your targeted audience in your niche.
  • Since it is pay per click program, you won’t get charged unless the user clicks on your ad, in other words, Google charges you when a serious buyer is looking for the product or services you are offering.
  • Filtrations with Google ads are so specific, that you can target a city or particular area through pin code or particular building as well.
  • The business owner can maintain a budget cap for their ads, you can fix a monthly budget and run the ad accordingly, also you have an option to schedule your ad.

What do you require to start to Google ad words?

GMAIL ID: To start with ad words, you will require Gmail ID, which will be used for signing up on your ad words account.

Payment Method: You will have to link your credit card or debit card by which Google will charge you periodically for the advertisement.

Website: This is the basic requirement to start any advertisement on the internet, as advertisement without website or landing page is not advisable, recently Google has started inbuilt Google form, wherein you can directly get the contact details of the customers, but we don’t advise to our clients.

The reason why we advise building a website is that the visitor will understand how serious you are in the business; it not only creates a trust factor but it also helps you to scale up the Business.

If you are a new start-up and looking for website development, then –SEO Pub is the place wherein you can contact our expert and he will create customize based website at an affordable cost.

Once your website is ready, it is important to update the appropriate content of the product/services that you are going to offer to your customers.

It is important to make sure that your website has basic details about your company name, address, mobile no & contact person if any.

Content writing plays an important role while convincing the client and making sales online, as there is no direct interaction between you and your customer unless the user calls you.

Optimization of the advertisement may take up to 7 to 10 days, but once your campaign is fully optimized you will start seeing good results and audience interacting with your business.

Since Google pay per click is a vast program, we recommend seeking expert advice from the SEO Pub team, we will not only optimize your advertisement effectively but also make sure to take a daily report about the leads you received.

SEO Pub is an online digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, India. Our primary goal is to get all business online and get massive success in their business.

How to create a Google ad word campaign?

Once you are signed in to your Google ad account you will see an option “TOOLS & SETTINGS” on the top, select Keyword planner option, and type few keywords which are relevant to your product or services.

For your reference, I have attached a screenshot about Digital Marketing keyword results.

The result will be displayed for average monthly searched for that particular keyword, this is just a forecast based on last 1 year data.

Once you have finalized your keywords, you can put it in your plan and proceed further, make sure to check the location selected, for instance, if you are looking to target particular city, then data displayed by the Google will not help you, as they will show the data for the whole country, you can filter it and check the results accordingly.

On the next page, you will see the estimated budget you will require monthly for the keyword you wish to target, it will also show what would be the cost per acquisition, maximum cost per click, and much more.

Once you have finalized your keyword and you are aware of the monthly budget, the next step is to start creating an ad

# BONUS TIP:  Before creating an ad, try to search what kind of advertisement your competitors have created, this will not only give you the idea to create a better ad but also help you make better ad & there are high chances you may receive better click-through rate.

It is always advisable to create at least 3 ads in your campaign, with different keywords in each ad group, this will give you an idea which one is performing better.

Points to remember:

  • Make sure to check location targeting, as it may result in ending up paying more.
  • Keep an eye on your campaign periodically, do not make any major changes, but it is important to know how your ad is performing.
  • Try to run a 1st-month advertisement daily, once you have data, you can plan to run ads that are best in your favor.
  • Always keep an eye on cost per click (CPC) & cost per acquisition (CPA), as this will give you an idea about your monthly spent.
  • It is really important to update negative keywords. Keywords that are not relevant in your business, make sure to update it in the negative list, as this will increase your monthly budget.

There are many other strategies, to make sure you get maximum quality leads from the budget you spent monthly. It is always advisable to hire an agency which will help you reach your goals.

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