Why Choose a Word Press Website?

In today’s era, ever-growing technology,  faster reach to the audience, and to make your brand known to the people website is considered very important for online as well as offline business to bring in more revenues. Having a website builds trust for the users about your product or services. The website is considered as the most convenient way to reach the masses at the same time in any part of the world.

When you decide on making the website it is necessary to know the platform on which you are making it as there are several factors involved in it. It must be user-friendly, appealing to the audience, SEO friendly, easy to work on, integrated link management are some of the points to be looked upon while preparing a website.

The website is a combination of text, audio, video, and images which allows you to present your product and service in the best possible way. Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest all are part of the paid traffic (pay per click) and all can lead you to your website hence it is necessary to make a website that can ultimately build trust among the users.

WordPress was started in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Though WordPress started as a blogging tool, it is now recognized as a powerful website builder with more than 35% of users worldwide, and the number of users increasing daily. WordPress is one such software which provides the maximum utilization of its services to the users. A platform wherein the website can be built in the best way and fulfill all the requirements for preparing the website.

WordPress operates on open source content management used for millions of websites, web applications, and blogs powering 10 million websites. It supports MySQL, PHP version 7.3 or higher, HTTPS, Maria DB version 10.1 or higher. For the functioning of WordPress, it has to be installed on a web server as a part of the internet hosting service. It helps in making webpages which store the content and helps the user to create and publish the webpages with a domain & hosting service. It is very easy to use and flexible to make different types of websites.

With WordPress, there are no limitations on the type of website to be made. It can be of any field be it in education, business, people, community, banking, entertainment, technology, celebrities, culture, and music, etc.

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Features of WordPress

  • WordPress is built with ease and simplicity so that nothing can stop you from making the best website in the market.
  • With WordPress, you can create a photoblog, blog, website, professional portfolio, magazine, news website, and online community with beautiful themes and extended plugins.
  • It allows us to manage the content, creating drafts, and schedule publications and even create posts, pages, and format them, inserts media, and make it live on the web.
  • WordPress has three default themes and apart from that a directory of thousands of themes to create the website. You can even use your theme and give a website the required look as per your need.
  • There are thousands of plugins, galleries, social networking forums, media widgets, spam protection, and control for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • With WordPress, it is always easy to install and upgrade.
  • With WordPress, no one can access your website, content, and data.
  • WordPress gives you the freedom to use it anyway like install it, modify it, use it, distribute it. There is software freedom available with WordPress.

Why you must choose WordPress?

  • WordPress is a free software which gives you a blank slate it is up to you on how you would like to design it with your best creative ideas, purchasing the themes according to the product and services. WordPress software is free but you need to purchase the domain name and Webhosting to get it installed. The domain name will be your address on the internet for your website and Webhosting is where all the data will be stored.
  • WordPress believes in the software that must be designed for everyone which is easy to access, good performance, and security. It must be made up with the minimum set up wherein content must be prioritized.
  • WordPress gives plenty of options to change colors, background, creating slides, and images customize as per your needs. For proper functioning, it also gives the option of plugins for adding the advanced features of contact forms, analytics, and more.
  • Phone apps are also there for WordPress which exist in Android and iOS and offer the option of adding blogs, posts, pages, and replying to comments.
  • WordPress is made in compliance with high-quality codes the reason why other search engines love WordPress. Websites made on WordPress ranks higher than others through search engines. WordPress is considered as very much SEO friendly and for optimizing it WordPress plugins are also used.
  • WordPress is very easy to manage and it is hassle-free as it comes with in-built updating management systems and allows to update plugins & themes from within the admin dashboard. WordPress updates are always notified and can be done on a click of a button. For protecting the data from an accident or hacking it offers WordPress backup plugins to create backups and store it.       
  • WordPress is a safe and secure platform for running the website as there are always intruders who want hands-on many sites.
  • WordPress has many other options to update apart from the text. It handles images, videos, and audio files. WordPress supports embed youtube videos, Instagram photos, tweets by pasting the URL in WordPress post editor.
  • It helps with real-time notifications and analytics.
  • With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can take your business to the next level by outgrowing your competitors.

With numerous features available WordPress is the best bet to start on the website.  We at SEO Pub will help with all the required guidance and support to modify your website or building a new website that will be SEO friendly and user friendly leading to more conversions and an increase in your revenues. 

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